Development Style Guide

If you would like to make a contribution to Code FREAK please make sure you follow our implicit style guide. We do not maintain a list of rules for Dos and Don’ts but we use automated linters for Kotlin and Typescript. This ensures consistently formatted code.


Our code style for Kotlin is based on ktlint without any custom rules. ktlint itself is added implicitly via spotless.

To apply the correct code style simply run: ./gradlew spotlessApply. For running a check only like the CI server does use ./gradlew spotlessCheck.

Typescript, TSX, LESS, etc. (Frontend)

Our frontend is created with React and uses tslint and prettier to maintain a properly formatted code base. There are only minor tweaks to the default ruleset. Take a look at the .prettierrc.json and tslint[.prod].json to find the modifications.

You can apply the frontend rules inside the client directory by running npm run fix. Even if you run the auto fixer there might be some problems left that could not be fixed automatically. You can find them by using npm run lint.